Bishop Michael Rinehart

Salt, Light and The Impossibly High Demands of Discipleship

Listen to the Podcast for Sunday, February 9, 2020 - Epiphany 5A Epiphany 5A - February 5, 2023 Prayer of the Day – Lord God, with endless mercy you receive the prayers of all who call upon you. By your Spirit... Continue Reading →

An Exciting Day at Living Word Katy

I’m always excited to preach on the beatitudes, but today was a particularly exciting day. Generosity is a sign of the fulfillment of the kingdom of God. Today leaders at Living Word Lutheran Church in Katy announced that a generous... Continue Reading →

Preaching on the Bayou

Baton Rouge, January 23–25, 2023. We were privileged to have as our keynote speaker, Dr. Karoline Lewis from Luther seminary. Methodist, Lutheran‘s, and Episcopalians gathered together… Dr. Lewis spoke on the texts for Lent A, especially John 3, 4, 9,... Continue Reading →

The Beatitudes: Jesus’ First Sermon

Listen to the Podcast for Sunday, February 2, 2020 – Epiphany 4A Epiphany 4A – January 29, 2023 This post on focuses on a study of the Beatitudes. A bird’s eye view of the Beatitudes in English, Spanish and Koine... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Morning Texts for Lent A, 2023

Historically, in some places, enrollment for baptism at Easter Vigil began on the first Sunday of Lent. Today this is called the catechumenate. The Gospel readings for Lent in Cycle A of the lectionary are the traditional texts that catechumenates... Continue Reading →

Fasting for Lent 2023

This 40-day Lenten devotional can be used as a sermon series or study, have you chosen a theme for your Wednesday night lent services? If you need a theme, some scripture ideas, and would like to get the congregation reading... Continue Reading →

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