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Good Friday by He Qi

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Maundy Thursday by He Qi

Palm Sunday, by He Qi

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Jesus and Mary (John 12) or the sinful woman (Luke), and the woman at the well (John 4) by He Qi

A prayer by Ted Loder

Eternal One,

Silence from whom my words come;

Questioner from whom my questions arise;

Lover of whom all my loves are hints;

Disturber in whom alone I find my rest;

Mystery in whose depths I find healing and myself;

enfold me now in your presence;

restore to me your peace;

renew your power;

and ground me in your grace.

Ted Loder

Chrism Mass 2019

Thank you to Pastor Anthony Chatman and the folks at Hosanna Houston for their hospitality. We blessed the oils used for baptism, healing, commendation of the dying. We renewed our vocational vows. We enjoyed lunch together. And we took an offering of $400 for the 1960 Hope Center, which offers shelter, showers, meals and other services to the homeless in Houston.

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