You cannot create passion in people if you are not passionate. That passion must come from a sacred place. A divine place. You can’t teach this. It comes from an inner place. We need to pass it on without it becoming diluted or polluted.

Samuel’s first job was to make sure the lamp in the Temple didn’t go out. This is your job too. Don’t be like the waitress selling meatloaf with no passion. Your restaurant will go out of business.

People get passionate when you ask them to do something within their reach. People aren’t passionate if they feel defeated. That means a skill at gift assessment. Determine who they are and what they are able to do, and allocate them appropriately.

Make sure the staff, the team deliver on the promise you projected.

One of the things that makes people passionate is when they sense the contagious passion you have. Not emotionalism. Passion is the fuel that makes the engine go. I’m not asking you to be emotional. Passionate. Make ’em leap out of bed in the morning.

Two different kinds of leaders: builders and bankers. Builders are people you can give little or nothing and they will make something of it. Like Joseph in prison. Not back against the wall. Bankers (like in fire-building, not money) keep the fire going.

Know the difference between confidants, constituents and comrades.

Confidants are for you, no matter what.

Constituents are for what you are for. They may get off the bus. Don’t get offended. Don’t cling too tightly.

Comrades are against what you’re against. They’re fighters. If you don’t manage them, they’ll fight you. Direct their energy. If you try to get them to graze in the pasture when they need to howl to the moon, you’ll have problems.

If the leader has low passion the people have low passion.